Whether you are the client or customer, or you provide sales or services – all the money matters and documentation is key.

“Cristi’s operations and administrative support for our organization has been absolutely critical to our success as a growing nonprofit. Because of her attention to detail, her task-oriented and in-depth approach, and her holistic vision for accountability and accounting alike, we grew from a staff of six to a staff of 12 in a very short time. Her support and leadership during our yearly audit were key to making it the smoothest and quickest our organization has ever gone through, and she is simply the most organized person I’ve ever worked with. Cristi has my strongest recommendation to assist other growing nonprofit organizations or businesses with financial, organizational, and accounting needs.”

Ian Silverii – Executive Director, ProgressNow Colorado, ProgressNow Colorado Education

“Cristi’s incredible attention to detail and organization is unmatched. She asks the right questions to understand organizational flow, processes and issues. She is solutions-oriented and has a go-getter attitude to tackle any project or new system. Cristi has a way of leaving all things better than she found them, and I can’t stress enough how valuable her follow up is to all projects and processes.”

Becca Moser – Development Director, ProgressNow Colorado, ProgressNow Colorado Education

“Cristi would be an asset to any organization. She continually juggles multiple priorities and urgent matters without losing step, while also not letting important longer-term projects fall behind. Her ability to evaluate and improve office process is superior and she will quickly assimilate any tools or knowledge needed to achieve such improvement. She remains calm, confident, and patient, even on those days when chaos breaks out around her.”

Elizabeth Carroll – PNC Controller and Independent Accounting Contractor

“Cristi’s high level of organizational prowess is matched by her ability to understand how different facets of the business fit together, all based in a fundamental understanding of accounting and finance. She’s particularly good at immersing herself in workflows, tweaking, testing and documenting processes so that those who come behind her have an “owner’s manual” to efficiently master different operational deliverables.”

Jeff Villano – Partner, Mogg, Hoeye & Associates

“Our company recently contracted with Cristi Villamil to systematize and organize our payables files, which consisted of over 10,000 individual owner files. The project was quite extensive. It required time management, organization, critical thinking and self-direction. Cristi, transported the files to her office, reported progress regularly and delivered a finished project that was completed above and beyond expectations. She was on time and well within the budget. We would absolutely hire her again.”

Amy Boyd – Principal, Richmark Companies

Data and Documentation

For day to day accountability, and weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting, knowing where to find the data, tools and resources and how best to use them efficiently is key.

System and Process

Establishing and documenting a thoroughly examined process produces infinite benefits. There is power and security in consistency.


Pennies here and there add up to dollars everywhere. Are your accounts current and in balance?

Quarterly Support

Examining systems and process on a quarterly basis commonly aligns with most reporting requirements. Cleaning up past quarters, reviewing the current quarter, or looking forward to the next quarter. I'm happy to help!

Data & Documentation

If the reports must be accurate, and the records must match the reports, what happens when the records can’t be found?

After working 20+ years within an evolutionary circle of receptionist, to secretary, to office manager, to operations director, to independent consultant, one thing I have found inarguably true, is that you must be able to back up your work. For day to day accountability, and weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, it’s important to know where to find the data, tools and resources and how best to use them efficiently. When companies and their employees are deep in the work, data and document management can become low priority, until it’s time to report; for taxes, or audits, for large transactions or simply for day to day accountability. This is when unmanaged data can become the vital missing link. If you’re not sure if your records are in order, if you’re not sure where your records are kept, if you’re not sure who should be managing your records, or how they should be managed. I can help!

Systems and Process

The way you do the things you do. Even when you don’t have the option to prioritize your rapid-fire daily tasks, you still need to ensure those tasks are getting done. Establishing standard processes safeguards against important things falling through the cracks. Establishing and documenting a thoroughly examined process produces infinite benefits. There is power and security in consistency. It is critical that all the members of your team know why things are done and how things are done. Establishing process creates a more cohesive team. Performing daily tasks in accordance with established processes eliminates loss; lost time, lost documentation, lost dollars and lost employees. Lean Management, a branch of Six Sigma, teaches this concept – if you make toast every day, it makes sense to keep the bread near the toaster. While getting the work done is certainly of the highest priority, getting it done accurately and efficiently shields you as you work toward future goals. If you’re not sure what your processes are, or not sure what they should be, or not certain they are sufficiently aligned with your time and tasks, I can help!


All the pennies, payers and payees. In the same way we personally need confirmation that our money has gone where it’s intended and paid what is owed, and that all money owed to us has been received by us, so is the need in any business. Pennies here and there add up to dollars everywhere. Are your accounts current and in balance? I can help!

Cristi Villamil

A systematic, fanatic, compliance minded, clean up woman.

cristi villamil headshot

I moved from Northern Colorado to Denver in 2001, working as an Office Manager for a National Outdoor Advertising company. My career has primarily been dedicated to the provision of Executive and Accounting support within the industries of, Advertising, Oil and Gas and most recently within the Non-Profit sector. An organizational guru, I am process and compliance minded and have routinely authored procedural manuals, process maps and guidelines in support of State and Federal regulations & internal protocols.

My mother is a retired Postmaster for the US Postal Service and my father an Army Veteran and award winning & highly celebrated retired Salesman for Anheuser-Busch. Both, as well as their parents are obsessively organized and admitted neat freaks. Keeping things in order simply runs in my DNA. My first budgeting lesson was my father asking me to make a chore list on a yellow legal pad, listing the earnings for my chores and adjacent, a list of things I wanted to buy with my chore money. A priceless lesson on evaluating and managing your money to sufficiently meet needs and wants.

An infatuated wife, doting mother and proud grandmother, I believe these life roles have helped to cement a mastery of time management, organization, prioritization and delegation. I enjoy sunshine, seasonal wines and random acts of kindness on all levels.

Following a winter work tour in North Dakota, my family and I recently relocated back to our hometown in Northern Colorado. During my career I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work and learn and develop and grow within a solid group of businesses and organizations. Now, I hope to spread the wealth of account reconciliation, system review, process development and clean documentation, through superior independent consulting.

Clean-up is a process. It requires order. Order takes time.

Sometimes, all it takes is having someone who has the time to note who is who, and what is what, as the work continues to happen.

Other times, it may be important to consider a “Hit by the Bus” scenario. If sadly, any member of your team, or the business itself, were theoretically, hit by a bus, would someone be able to immediately and effectively pick up the workload and continue the mission? Proper establishment and documentation of process can ensure just that.

Examining systems and process on a quarterly basis commonly aligns with most reporting requirements. Based on your organizations most recent performance, there may be a need for reconciling or reporting on last quarter, or last year. You may be looking to make changes to improve the current quarter or looking forward to growth or restructure in the coming year.

Let’s meet to discuss the methods to my magic. How our time together will be spent, how we’ll quickly drill down to clarify the problems and document and put into practice the solutions.

My fully equipped office, or your place of business. In all cases, our goal is to make practice of what makes the most sense. Send an email to [email protected]

Quarterly Agreements – Full System and Process Review

We’ll follow a customized outline, that includes dates and deadlines, an in-depth review of your organization, the work you do and the issues of concern; your departments and team members, their roles and responsibilities and the corresponding daily tasks. We’ll determine the status of your data and documentation and accompanying programs, files and reporting procedures. We’ll work together to establish, test, document and train on best practice processes, overall administrative and accounting structure, and reporting accountability.

Project Agreements

Project work will require an understanding of the project and needs at hand, but not the entirety of the organization’s workings. For this reason, an hourly contract is the simple solution. You may simply need support with short term clean-up projects. Things such as project filing or account reconciling, year-end reporting or audit preparation. Or, maybe just the low-priority stuff that needs done that no one has the time or desire to do. Even and especially then, I’m available. Recruiter fees are for the bees.

For Non-Disclosure and Agreement Templates, please request by email at [email protected]